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Unfortunately not all relationships are successful and therefore during such stressful and troubled times, you need someone you can depend upon to talk you through this difficult period. We will have made collective decisions with our partners and sometimes dealing with the breakdown can become too much

When a relationship breaks down albeit a marriage, civil partnership or as a cohabiting couple, the parties need clear but sympathetic advice as to their rights, obligations and entitlements to each other and their children. They need guidance as to how best to disentangle their affairs in respect of a range of problems including children, financial decisions and living arrangements. Often these decisions need to be taken at a time of stress and uncertainty when clear legal help in guiding the parties through their problems is essential.

We emphasise negotiation and agreement where possible, rather than conflict and confrontation in the application of the principles of family law.
We can advise on all aspects of separation, divorce, judicial separation, childrens issues, financial division, deeds of separation, family protection and domestic violence injunctions.

We offer an initial 30 minute free interview with no obligation.

For further information visit the Contact Us page or email: mr@aandco.co.uk
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