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Are you thinking of contesting a will?
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When can a will be contested?

  • If the will is invalid, for whatever reason e.g. if it hasn't been signed, or it hasn't been signed or witnessed correctly
  • If the executors are administering the estate incorrectly, or fraudulently
  • If you were financially dependent on the deceased, or married to them, and the will does not adequately provide for you
  • If the deceased was thought not to have been sound of mind at the time of making the will
  • The original will may be lost and the executor may apply to court to prove there is a will
  • If a property is disposed of under the terms of a will, but the property was owned or part owned by someone else
  • If the will contains errors e.g. a clause was incorrectly written or the wrong will has been signed

If the court rules that the will is invalid as a result of you contesting it, the estate will be administered as if the will never existed, and the deceased passed away without a will.

Contesting a will can be a difficult, drawn-out and financially and emotionally draining process.

At Alexander & Co Solicitors LLP in Derby, we listen to your needs and requirements and provide expert legal advice to enable you to resolve your problems effectively.

Resolving disputes is a key component of our practice

It's all about getting the right result for you, our client. As a practice, in addition to contesting a will, we deal with a range of litigation matters including:

  • Property Litigation - boundary disputes, development disputes, neighbour disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, possession claims and negligence of professionals
  • Civil Litigation - contractual disputes and commercial disputes
  • Disputed probate claims – Inheritance Act claims, contesting wills
  • Personal Injury and Criminal Injury compensation claims

Let Alexander & Co solicitors take the strain...

Our qualified litigation team will meet you to discuss your problems in order to better understand the issues at hand and provide you with an effective strategy going forward. Moreover, we shall keep you informed of developments in your case at all times.

Our aim is to guide you through the litigation process in the quickest and most effective way possible in order to achieve the best result for you.

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